Quickly & Accurately process orders

The 1st Magento 2 POS extension is tailored for your business and ready to use in 3 days
* Compatible to Magento Community & Enterprise Edition: 2.0.x - 2.1.x

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The first Magento 2 POS extension for your retail system

Checkout fast & accurately

Fast loading and powerful performance as a native app, supported by Magento latest technology of Knockout JS.

Process payment at ease

Quick and secure payment process for customers with multiple online & offline payment methods.

Empower retail system

Seamless integration of your POS system with native Magento extensions like Inventory Management, Reward

Let’s take a quick tour at the newest Magento 2 POS Extension
Explore all Magento 2 POS extension feature highlights
Add items with a click

Products are visualized with thumbnails and categorized for easier access. Click on product thumbnails or scan barcode to add product in a blink.

Avoid out-of-stock products

The warning icon and message reduce any chance of mistakenly adding out-of-stock products to cart.

Hold order for further purchasing

Quickly put the transaction on hold and recall it later for a quick status update.

Add custom sales items

Use Custom Sales button to simply and easily create orders with items that have not been updated into the system.

Create order offline

Keep creating orders even when the Internet drops out with IndexedDB storage. Data is automatically synced when connection is restored.

Multiple Payment Methods
Online & Offline Payment Methods

Accept different payment methods:
* Online: Stripe and PayPal (credit card & account)
* Offline: Cash in, Cash on delivery Integrate with card swiper and setup your preferred payment method to checkout in a minute.

Split & Partial Payment

Provide customers more options to take payment. Your customers can use 1, 2 or more payment methods to pay the whole order value. Or they can pay part of the order and pay the due amount later.

Customizable Payment Methods

Name 2 custom payment options to create your own offline payment terminals like bank transfer, cash or debit. Have other payment methods in mind? Just contact us!

Retail System Empowerment
Streamline inventory management

The extension is completely tied to Inventory Management extension. The seamless integration between each sale location and a warehouse ensures real-time inventory tracking and fresh & updated data.

Enhance reward & loyalty system

Magento 2 POS extension is totally compatible with Reward Points, Gift Card or Store Credit extensions. You can quickly save, spend, or refund by credit/point, or process gift code to make discount for customers right on POS screen.

Better Order tracking and In-store management

Customer management

Allow checkout as guest or registered customer. Customer's order & refund history recorded


Print receipt, send email to customers, create invoice by items or by the paid amount of order


Issue refund by item or by paid amount. Return paid amount by reward points ( Magento 2 default)


Grant different permissions to sale staffs. Limit highest discount percentage for each staff

Working shift management

Control cash flow in working shift of each staffs. Z-report created after each working shift


Better business performace management with 10 types of report.

Enjoy the premium support from Magento experts

You have a special support with an account manager with you every step of your way to make the extension Ready to Use in 3 days. Installation is totally free!


2 FREE hours of online training to show you how to configure the extension as you want. Free access to user guides and video tutorials.


The max ability of customization to make the POS system work perfectly for your business. Share with us details of your requirements!

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