For Ecommerce and Magento, its yet another day of celebration! Back in late 90s, Amazon patented what it called one click ordering, whereby its users could simply click one button and process that order. What the process was doing was taking customer's default shipping and payment options as setup in their profile and completing their order.

That patent has expired today and it seems to be in perfect sync with Magento 2's latest vault feature which saves customer's default billing method in secure encrypted manner 

You see, way back in 1999, Amazon was granted a patent on one click ordering. This is the process by which you can click a single button on any Amazon product page and create an order for that product. It’s the fastest, simplest way to place an order. And until today, merchants could not legally offer this experience to their users due to Amazon’s patent. But today, Amazon’s patent expires and Magento ecosystem is proudly offering that as free add-on to Magento's core!

Merchants have a great chance to enable this feature in their stores and allow their customers unprecedented ease of ordering using one click. It is bound to increase your conversion rates and the most benefit it is set to achieve is from mobile customers. As we all know, mobile eCommerce is continuously on the rise and by enabling one click on your store, customers can easily click through to complete their order rather than having to go through cumbersome process of going through entire checkout. 

While this add-on is in the process of being added to Magento's core, if you'd like to get started with it immediately, contact us now and we'll help you get started!

We at MTC are proud and psyched about the opportunities these and other new features bring to Magento and your online business.