magento hosting


I had success managing large (relatively) Magento stores on smaller plans but if you’re building and scaling for the long term, I would suggest going with AWS simply because of the options and scalability it offers. The same can be the reason of its downside for lot of people as too many options can lead to too much confusion at times.

If you’re a large store, I’m guessing (and hoping) you have technical help and that should include managing your server side too. If that’s the case (too many ifs, one of the downsides of trying to answer one liners), then that should square away most of the concerns of having these ‘options’. If you don’t, I’d suggest you invest in finding a good technical cover that meets your needs and suits your terms. I see too many large stores getting caught up in a fix for host of reasons and having to perform doomsday’s maneuvers for things they could and should’ve foreseen.

Other than AWS, there are managed solutions and I’d recommend Rackspace and Nexcess as leading contenders by far. They definitely cost on the higher end especially with their specialised/optimised offerings but can be an intermittent option while you get rest of the things in line.

Eventual goal with a large Magento store should be to leverage optimisation; be it server resources, technical resources, fulfilment processing, search optimisation and the likes. The result would be a dynamic powerful engine that let’s you further define and focus on your competitive advantage while giving you ‘wings’ to fly over unchartered waters with.

There’s nothing sweeter than success! Let’s spread more of that, both of that!!


February 2018